EOFY Brand & Website Discount Offer


With the 2022 financial year coming to an end, the team at Soto Group are launching an exclusive offer…

30% off any new website or brand project that is signed off before the new financial year.

Our standard pricing is listed below and covers single-page and multipage websites and branding packages for all sizes of business. If you want to take advantage of this EOFY discount, but need something more custom – please reach out to our team to see how we can help!

To claim this offer please call the office 1300 204 834 or email our team info@sotogroup.co

$300 Referral Bonus

Not ready to work with our team but might know someone who is? We have a referral program in place that we are DOUBLING for any new referrals that are sent to us between no and the 31st July 2022 that convert into a new client.


How does it work?

Simply email us an introduction to your potential referral and we will do the rest. We will reach out to your referral to try and organise a call or find out more about their potential project. If they convert into a customer we reward you with a Visa gift card for the value of $300!

We will also honour the EOFY discount for your referral – so now is the best time to let them know that the Soto Group can help them with their project, and everyone is rewarded along the way.

When sending your email – introduce Matthew as your point of contact and copy us into the introduction matthew@sotogroup.co


Why are you doing the referral bonus?

We all know that word of mouth referrals are by far the best tool when it comes to service providers. We have lots of great projects on the go, but our creative team are hungry for more, so with your help we can continue to bring them exciting projects that fill their cup.


What should I write in the email?

Not sure how to make the introduction? Simply copy and paste this email below, edit it a bit so it sounds like an email you would have sent and we will do the rest.


Dear Bob,

I wanted to introduce you to Matthew from Soto Group. Matthew is the Creative Director of Australian Brand and Website agency Soto Group, who have worked on some great projects recently, and I thought you may have a need for branding or website services.

They are running a great promotion for the end of the financial year where all new projects get 30% off standard pricing, so timing is ideal if you have any potential projects.

Have a great day,

John Smith

What types of projects do you work on?

Want to see some of our projects?








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