Why Shared Office Space in Perth Has Become So Popular

If you have been looking for Shared Office Space in Perth, you’ll know that Perth Coworking spaces have exploded in popularity in the last 24 months. In this article, we explain why and take you through some of the reasons businesses, contractors and people working from home have chosen to cowork. 

Shared Office Space Perth
Coworking desks at Soto Co Perth Coworking and Shared Office Space

What are Coworking Spaces?

A coworking space is service provided by a business that takes a commercial lease, or owns a commercial building – through which they offer ‘sublease’ style arrangements for all different types of businesses and individuals who may want to find a space to work in, that does not require them to take on their own commercial lease. This means in a coworking space workers from different companies share workspaces in a variety of ways. Most coworking spaces have options to have your own private desk as well as options where you may share a desk as you only use it a few times a month or week.

In 2019, there were 19,000 coworking spaces worldwide with 3 million workers. The largest coworking region is in the Asia-Pacific region, with Europe, the Middle East and Africa having many coworking spaces as well. Coworking spaces are expected to gain in popularity, with annual growth rates of 6% in the US and 13% for the rest of the world.

Freelancing has helped increase the popularity of coworking spaces as well: freelancing and the gig economy in Australia currently contributes approximately $6.3 billion annually to the economy. With COVID having a significant influence on the way people work and the types of work they perform, it is estimated much of the Australian workforce will freelance by 2027.

Top Reasons for Shared Office Space in Perth

Here are some of the top reasons Perth coworking spaces have become so popular:

Reason #1: The Atmosphere Is Energetic

Traditional offices can become stagnant or even toxic over time. On the other hand, coworking spaces are primarily upbeat and fun places to work because of the unique mix of professionals who want to be there. Thanks to this positive energy, productivity and creativity tend to be higher than traditional offices. Because of this businesses that have staff who might typically work from home (they may work for companies in other states or countries) have sought to get part time or full time memberships for their work from home staff in order to give them a ‘workplace’ style environment that is far more inspiring than working from home.

Members typically benefit from increased social connection which can be critical for mental health. Especially for anyone working from home with limited interaction with other people. Spending a few days a week in a coworking environment can help boost morale and engagement.

Perth Coworking Space Event
Soto Co Perth Coworking Space Event

Reason #2: Several Coworking Options To Choose From

A benefit of Perth coworking spaces is they come in various shapes and sizes:

  • Open workspaces. These areas are “open,” allowing individuals from different companies to share the same area. This typically means a cluster of desks together, and these areas are great for collaborating on ideas or projects. Open workspaces are usually the spaces where casual, hotdesk or part time members will spend their time.
  • Incubators/Venture. These coworking spaces tend to be more specific when choosing who is allowed to work there. Support is provided to a select few companies to help them grow. As an added benefit, these coworking spaces tend to have reduced rent or other expenses in exchange for equity into the companies.
  • Industry specific. These coworking spaces are specifically designed for those who have common experiences and interests. An example of an industry specific workspace is one for artists, videographers, photographers, and graphic designers. This type of coworking space can significantly increase networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Private workspaces. Private workspaces are the opposite of public workspaces. Members from one organization would work in a space exclusively for them, in custom pods or locked offices. The opportunity to network is still available because the common areas are open to everyone.

Reason #3: Improved Networking Opportunities

People in coworking spaces tend to have similar goals and aspirations. The close proximity to like-minded people provides excellent opportunities to network and make key contacts that could benefit your business.

At Soto Co – Mount Lawley Coworking Space and Community Hub we typically see the following types of networking:

Freelancer Collaboration – this is where freelancers in similar industries find commonality between clients or service offering and collaborate on projects together. We have seen this alot with our marketing members i.e. our google ads specialist collaborated with a freelance writer for ad copy services.

Business to Business – coworking members are often Entrepreneurs and their small teams who are looking for business growth opportunities. We host networking events for our business members so they can meet and greet and form deeper relationships.

Personal Networking – as some of our members work for companies where their HQ is based in other states or countries they don’t typically need to network for business growth opportunities, instead favouring the coworking space as a sanctuary away from home so they have a clear work / life balance. Through their use of the shared spaces, and attending members only socialising events they meet other like minded individuals and many of these become friends that they socialise with outside of the office environment. We have even had our members create their own groups and events like a book club and mens mental health support group.

Interest Specific – the events hosted in a coworking space like the Soto Co hub are often ‘interest based’. We host many events the support women in business, and resources to help increase uptake of female owned businesses, we well as minority owned businessess.

Reason #4: Greater Cost Savings for Shared Office Space in Perth

Perth Coworking spaces offer a great option for anyone considering shared office space in Perth. Spaces like Soto Co – Mount Lawley Coworking Space and Community Hub are known for being affordable options for businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, individuals and freelancers alike. Some of the cost savings benefits seen in Perth coworking spaces include the following:

  • Flexible lease options. While traditional workspaces require leases of 12 months or more, many coworking spaces provide month to month options. In addition, the ability to upsize or downsize as needed is available at most without penalty. This means if you only need a desk for a few days a week – just to get you out of the house and meeting new people you can do so simply and easily without having to invest in your own office, or lock into any expensive contracts.
  • Shared expenses. The cost of office furniture, equipment, supplies, mail services, breakroom snacks, wifi, and other items are part of the monthly expenses. Money normally spent on these items can now be used to grow and develop the business.

Reason #5: Premier Locations

Most coworking spaces are in well-known business districts. This can be a great benefit for those unable to afford renting space in that area on their own. In addition to being in a reputable area, coworking spaces have excellent facilities to invite guests for business meetings or transact with customers.

Some of the premier business destinations in Perth can attract rents in excess of $300 per square meter, making even a small office around 100sqm $30,000 per annum plus ongoings. For many small businesses this is simply not an option when you could invest that money into business growth and marketing activities.

Coworking Space Mt Lawley

So if you are considering a Shared Office Space in Perth or a Perth coworking space check out our community hub in the centre of Mt Lawley’s cafe district on Beaufort Street. We have plenty of open space office space and desks for hire.

From Day Passes to Dedicated Desks, The Soto Co – Coworking Space and Community Hub is a Mount Lawley coworking space that’s a little bit different.

We aren’t about private offices that feel like prison cells. We aren’t about working 24/7 and hustle, hustle, hustle. We are all about providing a cool, comfy environment for you to re-connect with your creative self so you can work optimally.

We offer a number of membership options from temporary to long term. Stop paying for 5 cups of coffee and trying to get a stable WIFI connection at coffee shops, just join our thriving community of entrepreneurs and digital nomads – unlimited coffee is a bonus!

In our Mount Lawley shared office facility you will find – hot desks for hire, daily passes, shared desks, open space, creative zones, chill out spots, a fully stocked kitchen, funky design, loud zones and quiet zones and a miriad of other things. Give us a call to find out more or book a tour with a friendly team!

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