July 15, 2022

Gro Infinity

Gro Infinity are a recently launched FinTech startup providing digital solutions and calculators to everyday people wanting to get better returns on their investments. The founder Kapil needed an expert tech startup website design team to bring his idea to life.

Open Project

Design and develop a new brand and website that can be scaled as the business grows

  • Strategy

    Profile competitors in the tech sector, uniquely position the brand to leave a lasting impression, back end structure easy for client editing.

  • Design

    Utilise broad contrast colour palette for the brand identity and roll this through the new website, ensuring it is user friendly and striking.

  • Client

    The project for Gro Infinity was a lean setup to get a minimum viable product website into market, with the scope to add with scale.

Develop a new brand and web presence for a tech startup.


Soto Group knows that positioning a new brand in the startup market can come with challenges. You can’t just engage any website design agency, you need experts who have not only worked with startups, but also run and grown successful startups. The Soto Group team have done exactly that. This meant we were uniquely positioned to offer strategic advice along with brand identity guidance.

Creating a unique visual system and strategy.

What we do

With more than 16+ years of experience, our team has become a leader in digital design and innovations and are known as experts in tech startup website design. We used our extensive knowledge of the startup sector to drive the creative and strategic process.

Easy-to-edit website UI with complex calculator build.

Single click import

Once the Gro Infinity brand identity had been established, our technical web development team and app development team set to work on the front and back end design of the web app calculator. The calculator needed to process complex data on demand regarding current Superannuation Fund growth rates. 

Whilst the project was challenging for the team, many unique nuances of the investment industry needed to be considered. The result was an novel investment calculator that can help consumers decide which Superannuation Fund will deliver the best return on investment. 

Stylish visual website
across all devices.

What we do

It was important that the website and web app worked well on all devices – given the broad range of devices available, this meant cross functional device testing at all stages of development. The result was a stunning user interface on all platforms both on the website and the calculator app. 

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