Services FAQ

It is one thing to write content that is on brand. It is something else to write content that gets your audience hungry for more, desperate to align with your product.
Lets get your audience onside as brand ambassadors TODAY.

The marketing landscape has changed. Gone are the days of telling your audience how to feel, and what to think. This has flipped. You need to listen, acknowledge and engage. 
Let's get your audience engagement upgraded TODAY.

We write content for businesses of all shapes and sizes across dozen of industires. Both B2B and B2C. Getting an engaging and consistent message is so critically important.
Let us start writing content for you TODAY.

Growing and Curating an engaged and supportive audience on social media platforms is harder than it looks. We help dozens of businesses with their Social Media Strategy.  
Let's get your Socials pumping TODAY.

Sometimes the simplest of changes in your approach to Google Ads can make a huge and immediate impact to your traffic and reach. Page 1 is what you want? We will get you there.
Lets put your Google Ads to the top of the class TODAY.

Every time you communicate with your audience it should be improving their trust, engagement and love for your brand. We can help you get this spot on, every time. 
Let us work with you on digital engagement TODAY.

The rate of growth in the automation space is ferocious. There is a constant stream of opportunities to do things faster, smoother and with less workload.
Lets get your marketing processes automated TODAY.

Every time you communicate with your audience it should be improving their trust, engagement and love for your brand. We can help you get this spot on, every time. 
Let us work with you on audience engagement TODAY.

We work with a team of expert developers to build the most optimised, SEO centric and beautiful websites possible.  Platforms include: WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, & Wixx.
Let's enhance your website TODAY.

Everytime we build a brand strategy, we work to understand a client's marketplace, the role they currently play. And the role they want to become.  
Let's get your brand journey cranking TODAY.

We help all sorts of businesses to build governance structures and systems to ensure they know what is working, every moment. We can readily provide case studies of real impact. 
Let us discuss your brand systems and governance TODAY.

We audit brands on a weekly basis. We build equity models and brand strategies that deliver results. We can readily provide case studies of real impact. 
Let us assess your brand's potential TODAY.

Coworking FAQ

When you join a coworking space, you work independently with flexibility at your computer, either on shared desks in an open plan office or in private offices. Though you conduct your own business, you sometimes collaborate with other members on specific projects. In sharing the space, you benefit from the exchange of ideas and skills through networking with differing different industry sectors. You build meaningful relationships, exchange knowledge and share skills rather than working in isolation.

Our space has different seating options based on whether you sign up to a friends (casual) or family (permanent) membership. Permanent desk spaces are available and mean you can leave all your stuff in the office like screens, cables and everything you would usually keep at your workspace.
Casual members take their belongings with them easy day, as they do not have a set desk, and will sit wherever is available on the day.
All members can utilise the lounges, breakout spaces and the communal areas as required needed.

Reception facilities are available 9:00am – 5:00pm – which is the same hours available to casual members. Family / permanent desk space members can use the office at any time. All members have a secure entry card.

Whilst there is open space / lounges for you to sit and chat with a client or other space members, there is no boardroom or meeting rooms. So you just need to be mindful that others will be able to hear your conversation. We are surrounded by fantastic venues in Mount Lawley, so often people prefer to have coffee meetings locally.

Day passes are $45 (+GST) and grant you access to the Soto Co space from Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm. It’s here you’re able to work from any of the common areas and use our guest WiFi network while using a day pass.

This is an open plan office space so expect the rumblings of a vibrant and uplifting space. There is, however, an expectation that a level of professionalism and decorum within the formal office work area will be maintained during office hours.

Some of the facilities and amenities we have are as follows: collaboration areas, kitchens stocked with tea and coffee, 24/7 access and security, mail handling, IT, reception and business support services, printing, end-of-trip facilities and more.

Soto Co is a humble team of strategy and marketing professionals, bringing together diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, small businesses, large corporations and other independent professionals in a unique shared office environment in the heart of Mount Lawley, WA.
We picked this location, because not everyone wants to work in the Perth CBD. Not everyone can afford a private, locked office in a coworking space (they’re bloody expensive!) but you may still want some privacy. We created our leafy green desk pods to be semi private, so you still get the benefit of being in open space, but what do you on your screen and your desk is your business. Create your own zen zone.
We have everything you need & want under one roof.

We offer multiple tiers of membership:
Private Desk Pods – Single Desk
Private Desk Pods – Multi Desks (good for small teams)
Hot Desks for part time memberships and occasional drop ins

We have a variety of monthly membership options available click here to see more.

Our Soto Co space is not stuffy and formal like an office can be.
Instead we offer a relaxing and less intimidating atmosphere, which of course means less stress and more time to focus – without the demands of typical office life.
We also have not crammed lots of desks in and we cap the amount of members we can have, to protect you from an oversubscribed, noisy, distracting office.

Working at home in your PJs sounds like a dream … until the loneliness sets it.
It can also be difficult to knuckle down and get to work when you’re only commuting from your bed to the couch / kitchen table / spare bedroom. Without clear-cut office hours, there’s no automatic switch off come 5pm and work can easily spill into your down time.
Also – there is real evidence that being around other people can be beneficial for mental health and creativity. Even if you are only on a one day per week membership plan, you’ll see a difference in the way you work and the relationships you’ll create through our hub to help you on your journey.

Coffee shops have long been the answer for freelancers and flexi timers who’ve found home offices uninspiring.
There’s two problems here – firstly, they don’t always have the printers, plug points and other facilities you need to get the job done.
Secondly, if you are sitting in a busy café for hours only ordering a few coffees and waters, and they are turning customers away who may have wanted to sit down for a meal, you are actually costing this business revenue, whilst churning through their WiFi and operational costs!
Enter Soto Co: a lease-free, (guilt free) fully-equipped office that rents work space via different membership plans.

The simplest no commitment option is a day pass. A day pass is $45 per day and you can register online.
You can sign up for a community membership, which gives you 2 days per month access to the space for only $50 per month. Already much better value than individual day passes, and you get access to our online community, the amazing range of perks and you get your own business listing (if you so wish).

For other options - Explore our memberships to see what suits you best

Security is very important to us. Each centre is equipped with a CCTV monitoring system that operates around the clock and members have their own private storage in their desk pods. All guests must sign-in electronically, all permanent members must provide ID and bond to ensure we know who is in the space. During office hours we will always have staff available to ensure you and your items are protected.
Outside operational hours, all entrance and exits, including meeting rooms are locked and access is only possible using an access card. Further information on security can be found in our terms and conditions.

Perfectly located next door to famous Lawleys bakery where you’ll find an amazing selection of breakfast and lunch foods, we are also across the road from Meet & Bun burgers, 2 Fat Indians, Little B Thai, Edz Ikakaya Japanese, Tommasinos Italian and an IGA are all within a 1 minute walking distance. You will be in the heart of the Beaufort Street strip, so enjoy top-notch dining and amazing coffee right on your doorstep!

Another paradigm shift in workplace requirements is the move towards wellness, mindfulness and wellbeing.
Wellness in the workplace is encouraging a healthy state of mind and we do that in a bunch of different ways.
To support this, as part of our perks, we offer yoga and meditation discounts in the studio underneath our office, Studio Pilates.

Yes! Yes, they are! We have invested in beautiful, indoor plants for aesthetics and air purification. We have professionals come and take care of the plants, so you don't have to worry about taking care of them, watering them or them dying (unlike when some of us have indoor plants at home!)

Much ado surrounds the hot topic of the future of work. Coworking spaces are popping up all over Australia and New Zealand and have become the future of work in terms of how companies are engaging spaces as a service verses traditional bricks and mortar.
Gone are the days where you need to invest tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, in a work environment for your business. The coworking concept is a disruption to the traditional office space and it’s not just desks and chairs, its becoming a full, end-to-end concierge service.
Agile working is the new frontier for companies. Deskmag, The Coworking Magazine, reports their global survey of members revealed 71% experienced a boost in creativity since joining a coworking space whilst 62% said their standard of work had improved.
If you are looking to trial a space, you can start with a day pass, and see how you feel from there.

The closest train station to our office is the Mount Lawley train station, it is a 7 minute drive, 15 minute walk. There are CBD train stations where you can catch the 950 bus straight down Beaufort Street also.