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Industry Associations and Membership Organisations must attract and retain members. Trust our team of Industry Body brand experts to set you apart.

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If you work for an Industry Association, Membership Organisation, Council, Federation, Institute or Society and are looking to elevate your brand or digital presence, we can help! Are you a...

Attract More Members to Your Industry Association

Attract New Members

For many sectors there are competing industry bodies, and often how your brand is perceived can be the difference between a new member signing up and going to another industry organisation. We know how to look at the competing bodies in your sector and clearly differentiate you from them.

Retain Current Members

New members are great, but retaining members is as important. If your members think another industry body is offering better value, they may jump ship. You may also need to provide more value through your marketing and digital campaigns in a way that works for them. We will analyse your brand and digital presence to find the gaps and focus on long term membership retention.

Industry Association Rebranding

Rebranding an Industry Association can provide a fresh experience for your members and prospects and create buzz and excitement in your industry. Rebranding shows you are in touch with what your membership base needs, and are constantly listening to feedback. Our team is experienced at surveying membership groups and extracting value not just for your brand, but for your organisation as a whole.

End-to-End Creative Services

Brand Perception

Brand Perception for Industry Associations is paramount. And a few bad apples can spoil the whole harvest. Not only will we understand where you truly sit in the current market landscape, we can help build tools so you can track your brand value past your Industry Association Rebrand to ensure your brand identity and messaging continues to resonate with your members’ needs and distinguishes you within your sector.

Membership Websites

Your website serves as your industry body’s digital headquarters, often the first point of contact for potential members and stakeholders seeking to verify your credibility, expertise and value. Members want a return on their investment and your website is the ideal place to demonstrate how they can achieve that. Soto Group design sleek, professional, and user-friendly websites that not only enhance your industry association brand image but also drive engagement and membership conversion.

Digital Loyalty

SEO, content marketing, social media, and beyond, our tailored marketing strategies are designed to increase your visibility, demonstrate your industry expertise, and build loyal connections with potential and existing members. We focus on results-driven approaches that align with your organisational goals and enhance your industry body’s impact and influence within your sector.

Why should you choose Soto Group?

Industry Expertise

We’ve worked with several industry associations to revitalise member engagement, we know your pressures.

Custom Solutions

No one-size-fits-all strategies here. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your organisation.


Your success is our success. We measure our performance by the tangible results we deliver for your association.

Industry Association branding and website solutions

We offer a complete set of tools and tailored services to help industry bodies to stand out and clearly align with member sentiment.

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From Big to Small, We’ve Seen it All

Whether you are a growing membership organisation and have 300 members or are a leading industry society with 300,000 members, we can customise an industry body branding or digital services solution that will help you expand your reach, and be seen as the go-to industry association in your sector.

When to Consider an Industry Association Rebrand or New Website

While you may already have a strong legacy in your sector, if your membership growth is stagnating, or worse, decreasing you may need to consider a rebrand. Or it may be as simple as a brand refresh, bringing in some new elements to your current brand and establishing strong, consistent brand messaging can set you back on the path of membership loyalty.

During our discovery, we may uncover that your brand is perceived well, but that your website is not delivering and your marketing is not reaching the right audience, or lacks a relatable message.

We will take the time to research what your members need and your organisational goals, and together develop a plan so that your brand equity is constantly growing and improving.

If you are unsure of what you need, contact us today and we can talk you through the many options available.

Soto Group are a full service creative agency delivering impactful brands, websites and marketing strategies.
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