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Discover how Melbourne Brand Agency Soto Group transformed TTIA's industry association website, blending heritage with digital innovation.
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The client

Introducing Timber Trade Industrial Association (TTIA)

The Timber Trade Industrial Association (TTIA) is the principal national association dedicated to supporting businesses in the timber industry.

Championing the Timber Industry’s Heritage and Future

The Timber Trade Industrial Association (TTIA) is the principal national association dedicated to supporting businesses in the timber industry ranging from small family-owned companies to large corporations. TTIA offers a wide range of services aimed at increasing industry growth and sustainability.

Their role is not just about advocacy but also about nurturing a community providing knowledge, resources, and support readily accessible to all members.

The problem

Consistently Improving their Online Member Offering

Navigating the Digital Timberlands

Bring brand essence to life online

TTIA approached Soto Group with a clear vision: to revitalise their industrial association website, ensuring it serves as a robust platform with the right membership features, that is easy to use for those in the timber industry.

The existing website had some outdated functionalities, underutilised resources, and the site did not adequately convey the association’s mission or large number of services. This posed a challenge in engaging their membership base.

TTIA wanted to preserve their cultural and industrial heritage while adapting their online resources. The challenge was to create an online presence that respects and reflects their long history and values, builds trust in their community and belonging among members, and provides a platform with quick and simple access to resources, that increases member interaction, and supports industry growth.

The Project

Seamless integration of heritage and helpful resources

Brand Workshop Insights

Our journey began with a Website Audit and Website Workshop, allowing us to immerse ourselves in TTIA’s world. These initial steps were crucial in understanding the association’s needs, challenges, and aspirations for their industrial association website. Through this process, we gained invaluable insights into how to blend timber industry priorities with modern digital strategies, ensuring the website would not only serve as a resource hub but also as a digital reflection of TTIA’s legacy and future ambitions.

Inclusive Design

The creation of a New WordPress Website Design was the next step in our strategy. This design prioritised accessibility, ease of navigation, and aesthetic appeal that pays homage to the timber industry’s heritage. By integrating Advanced Website Functionality, including Download Monitoring and Membership Management, the industrial association website catered to varied member needs.

Engaging Community

To further enhance the TTIA experience, we implemented Tiered Content strategies, facilitating a personalised journey for each user. This approach allowed us to respect and preserve the association’s cultural narratives while providing a platform for growth, learning, and engagement within the timber community. The revamped industrial association website now serves as a refreshed resource that respects traditions and fosters innovation, ensuring TTIA remains at the forefront of the industry’s digital landscape.

The Results

A Renewed Digital Foundation

Cultivating Growth and Connection

Recognising Project Triumph

With the new website build and advanced functionality, TTIA’s industrial association website has marked a significant milestone in the association’s digital journey. The new platform has not only improved user engagement and resource accessibility but also significantly elevated TTIA’s online presence, reflecting their role as a leader in the timber industry.

Members now enjoy a more intuitive, resource-rich, and engaging online experience, which has led to increased membership engagement, higher resource utilisation rates, and a stronger sense of community among the industry’s diverse stakeholders. Through this transformation, TTIA has set a new standard for how industrial associations can leverage their website to drive industry progress.


Helping an industry body reconnect with its members

I can’t express how happy I am every time I look at our website, it is just what I have wanted for a long time.
Judith Sharp – Operations Manager, TTIA

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new TTIA website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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