Soto Group offers a broad range of branding services and we are known as rebrand specialists.

Branding Experts

Full Service Brand Agency

We create future proof brands that out perform their competitors.

Branding Creative Experts

Soto Group are a branding strategy agency with operations across Australia. Our teams broad experience brings an in depth knowledge to each brand project.

We’re passionate about innovation, brilliant ideas and the execution that brings it all together in one beautiful experience. 

Branding Strategy Agency

Commercially Geared Brand Strategies

Where brand and business strategy converge.

Strategic Thinking Experts

Soto is a brand consulting agency that performs all branding services from an initial brand audit to full-scale identity branding and ongoing strategic rollout. 

We help you define and develop the look and feel that will be the center point of all your marketing communications across all your paid, owned and earned channels.

Trust a Brand Strategy Company with 20 years experience in building phenomenal brands.

Our Approach

Driving Brand Equity

Strategically planning your brand value and growth.

Brand equity is the value and strength of a brand, built through consumer recognition, loyalty, and positive perceptions that differentiate it in the marketplace. 

Soto Group builds brands with strong brand equity that can dramatically improve business sales or exit results by securing premium valuations and establishing a standout market presence.

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Our audits highlight 5 key areas for improvement and best practice ways of implementing those improvements so you can beat your competition.

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We conduct regular brand audits to understand a brands true value. Soto Group build brand equity models and brand strategies that deliver results. We can readily provide case studies of real impact. 
Every time we build a brand strategy, we work to understand a client's marketplace, audience, the role they currently play, and their brand and business goals.

Every time you communicate with your audience it should be improving their trust, engagement and love for your brand. Our brand strategies deliver results & create loyal customers.

Branding Experts

Going beyond the creative

Branding Services are the core of our service offering. For us however, Brand is not a purely creative pursuit. It needs to drive results. It needs to engage the audience. It needs to be a brand that can go the distance for your business, your team and ultimately your customers. 

Soto Group can offer significant expertise across all areas of brand services. From brand audits and workshops to brand architecture and brand design. As a leading brand consulting agency, our goal is to help businesses in their brand journey, whatever stage they may currently be at.

Branding Services

Our range of Branding Services

We offer a broad range of brand services, we have listed just a few below.

Brand Survey

Market Review

Market Research

Brand Equity Analysis

Stakeholder Matrix

Brand Testing

Competitor Analysis

Brand Asset Analysis

Trend Assessment

Brand Perception

A brand audit involves a comprehensive analysis of your brand’s current positioning, its consistency across various platforms, and its effectiveness in engaging the target audience.

Our process typically includes reviewing your brand’s visual identity, digital presence, marketing materials, and customer interactions to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Through this we can pinpoint opportunities for improvement, ensure alignment with business objectives, and refine strategies for better brand cohesion, recognition and growth.

Ultimately, a brand audit helps businesses understand where they stand in the market and how they can evolve to meet future challenges and opportunities.

Brand Proposition

Brand Naming

Brand Personas

Brand Messaging

Brand Story

Foundation Story

Audience Profiles

Market Specific Messaging

Brand Journey Mapping

Customer Touchpoints

Brand Values

Brand Mission & Vision

Elevator Pitch

Brand Equity

Brand positioning is developed through a strategic process that defines your brand’s unique value proposition and differentiates it from competitors in the market. During this process we identify your target audience, understanding their needs and preferences, analysing competitive landscapes, and pinpointing what makes your brand special or superior.

We craft your positioning statement and how this rolls into your brand messaging, visual identity, and marketing strategies.

Brand positioning is essential because it helps your brand to stand out, connect with its audience on a deeper level, and establish a clear market presence. It guides marketing efforts and ensures consistency across all touchpoints, driving brand recognition and loyalty.

Brand Voice

Competitor Positioning

Content Marketing Strategy

Channel Strategy

Internal Brand Communications

External Brand Communications

Key Brand Messages

Unique Selling Propositions

Communications Objectives

Communications Principals

Engagement Mechanisms

Messaging Framework

Developing your brand strategy involves creating a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand that can achieve your brand goals.

Once the positioning is set out the brand strategy process begins. The brand strategy clearly sets out brand positioning, messaging, communication channels, and customer engagement tactics. It’s needed to ensure that all aspects of the brand are aligned and consistently communicated across all touchpoints, thereby building a strong, cohesive brand identity that resonates with the target audience, differentiates from competitors, and drives long-term growth and loyalty.

Unlike brand positioning, which focuses on how a brand is perceived in the market, brand strategy is the overarching plan that includes positioning as one of its elements, guiding the brand’s overall approach to achieving its goals.

Brand Mood Board

Brand Concept Development

Logo Design

Icon Design

Colour Palette

Typography Selection

Custom Typography

Visual Identity

Brand Refresh


The Soto Group creative team develop brand creative with a strategic process that translates your brand’s essence and values into the ideal visual identity. During the brand positioning and brand strategy development process we are now armed with a deep understanding of your brand’s mission, target audience, and market positioning.

We select brand designers in our team to create initial concepts in collaboration with our brand strategists. The brand development involves iterative design concepts, feedback loops, and refinements to ensure the visual elements resonate with your customers and audience as well as and stand out in the competitive landscape.

Our ultimate goal is to craft a memorable and consistent brand identity that effectively communicates the brand’s message and values across all touchpoints.

Brand Framework

Visual Guidance

Brand Palette

Brand Typography

Brand Illustrations

Brand Imagery

Brand Document Applications

Brand Communications

Brand Collateral

Colour Application

Layout Principles

Digital Formats

We develop your Brand guidelines with a comprehensive set of rules and standards that dictate the use of your brand’s visual and spoken elements. These elements include best use of the logo, color palette, typography, imagery, tone of voice, and more. Our Designers and Brand Strategists collaborate to ensure your guidelines are clear, flexible for various applications, yet strict enough to maintain consistency.

Brand guidelines are crucial because they ensure your brands consistency across all touchpoints, from marketing materials and advertisements to product packaging and digital presence. This consistency helps in building brand recognition, trust, and loyalty among your target audience.

Uniform Design

Merchandise Design

Signage Design

Graphic Design

Stationery Design

Digital Asset Design

Brand Touchpoints

Business Cards


Product Packaging

Presentation Slides


After completing the brand guidelines, our development of your brand collateral follows a structured yet creative process that leverages the guidelines to ensure consistency and coherence in the brand’s messaging across various mediums.

Soto’s process involves identifying your specific collateral needs based on the brand’s marketing and communication strategy, target audience, and channels of distribution.

Our Designers and Marketers work together to create a range of materials that embody your brand’s identity, from visual design to messaging, ensuring each piece resonates with the intended audience while adhering to the established brand guidelines. Iterative design, feedback, and refinement are key steps in this phase to produce high-quality, effective brand collateral that supports the brand’s objectives, whether for launch, promotion, or ongoing engagement.

Brand Launch Plan

Strategic Rollout

Site by Site Branding

Big Bang Brand Rollout

Press Release Writing

Press Management

Influencer Collaborations

Website Launch

Social Media Campaigns

Promotional Videos

After your brand collateral has been developed, launching your new brand into market is a strategic and multi-phase process that requires careful planning and execution.

This phase begins with setting clear objectives for the launch and understanding the best channels to prioritise. A comprehensive launch plan is then created, encompassing a mix of digital and traditional marketing tactics designed to maximise visibility and engagement.

Our plan includes a timeline for the rollout of various activities, such as a launch event, social media campaigns, PR efforts, and targeted advertising. Engaging key influencers and stakeholders early in the process can also amplify the launch. Throughout this phase, we monitor feedback and adapt strategies as necessary to ensure the brand resonates with its audience and achieves its launch objectives.

Brand Tracking

Brand Health Surveys

Brand Equity Measurement

Market Trend Tracking

Competitor Analysis

Social Media Monitoring

Customer Feedback Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis

SEO and Website Analytics

Reputation Management

Campaign Performance

Campaign Engagement Metrics

Now that your brand is launched, we can provide brand management services that track brand perception as part of an ongoing effort to ensure the brand remains relevant, consistent, and aligned with your core values and objectives.

We can monitor and analyse how the brand is perceived by its target audience and the market at large. Strategies include gathering customer feedback, monitoring social media mentions, conducting surveys, and using brand tracking tools to measure brand health indicators like awareness, reputation, and loyalty.

Based on these insights, your brand may need to adjust its strategies, messaging, and even product offerings to better meet the needs and expectations of its audience. Regularly reviewing and updating the brand’s visual and verbal identity, as well as its marketing and communication strategies, are also crucial to maintaining a strong, cohesive brand presence.

Our adaptive approach allows your brand to evolve with its audience and stay ahead in a constantly evolving competitive landscape.

Branding Strategy Agency

Strategically-led Creative

Our approach is unlike any other creative agency.
When clients work with Soto Group, they are empowered by a team of creative professionals that develop brands in collaboration with our strategic advisors, who place commercial and organisational goals (both short and long term) at the foundation of the brand positioning and creative. 
Our Commitment

Seeking Creative Excellence

Through a simple five-step creative process, we ensure every project has a clear process and progression. The pinnacle of the process is turning insights into creativity. All the way through, we focus on partnering with our clients and championing dialogue at each intersection.

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We deliver incredible results for our clients, but don't just take our word for it.
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