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How much will a new brand cost?

The cost of developing a new brand varies greatly depending on the project’s scale, required deliverables, and specific needs. Factors we consider are things like:

  • Do you have a preferred brand name, or will we need to undertake a brand naming process including a brand name workshop
  • Will we need to conduct market research? How much market research have you already performed that we can utilise? The more you understand your market, the easier it is to ideate your new brand
  • Who are your competitors – if we are building a brand to take on Coca Cola, significant time and design hours go into reaching the optimal visual design as well as brand positioning. However, if you are a startup business and are not looking to take out the biggest player in your industry, the costs can scale down.
  • The number of brand assets or sub brands we need to consider.
  • And many other factors

A new brand development with Soto Group on average ranges from $7,500 – $60,000.

When you have your discovery call with one of our team members we will talk about your budget, and your goals, and work out what can be achieved.

If you are looking to create a new brand but your budget does not fit into the range above, you should definitely still get in touch. We have relationships with a number of design partners and freelancers who may be able to support your budget.

Soto Group are a full service creative agency delivering impactful brands, websites and marketing strategies.
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