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What is brand equity?

Soto Group are brand equity specialists. Our Cofounder Matthew Crouch is an industry leading speaker and one of his most demanded topics is about how to create and maintain brand equity.

But we know that many individuals and companies don’t really understand brand equity or what it means when you do or don’t have it.

In simplistic terms – brand equity refers to the intangible value that a brand name holds in the minds of consumers. It represents the influence and power that a brand has over consumer choices and their willingness to pay more for products or services associated with that brand. Brand equity is built over time through various factors, including:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Perception
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Brand Associations
  • Brand Image
  • Brand Positioning

Brand equity reflects the value and influence that a brand has in the marketplace, driving customer preference, loyalty, and financial performance. It is a valuable asset for companies and requires strategic management and investment to nurture and maintain over time.

Brand equity is the difference between a $1,000,000 business exit and a $15,000,000 business exit. Strong brand equity allows you to launch new products or services with immediate uptake from your existing audience or customer base.

One of the most desired yet undervalued brand considerations is brand equity. To understand you brand equity or to improve your brand equity get in touch and ask to speak to our Creative Director and Brand Equity Expert Matthew Crouch.

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