5 Signs It’s Time To Refresh Your Logo Design For 2023

Last Modified: May 4, 2024



Being a logo design agency, we know all too well that an important aspect of running a successful business is staying ahead of the curve. The probability of success can be increased by keeping your business relevant and cutting edge. While there are many factors that help determine the success of your business, one area that is often overlooked is your logo.

For many, when they first have their logo designed it might be through a ‘friend of a friend’ or it might have been something they slapped together not putting too much thought into it. Even if you invested in your logo you may have expanded your target audience, or change your operations. You might think that a logo is just that, a logo. But it isn’t.

Here are the top 5 signs it might be time to refresh your logo.

#1. No One Understands It

The logo you choose should represent your brand and be easily identifiable by your target market. While it may do so initially, can it withstand the test of time? Does it look outdated? Another thing to consider is the growth and evolving of your business. Does your logo keep up with the new aspects of your company? If not, it might be time for a redesign.

#2. It Doesn’t Mesh With Industry Standards

Some industries that are well established might have a certain image or perception among its customers. Newer companies attempting to break into the industry may have trouble if their logo is radically different from their more-established competitors. Deviating from the industry standard could backfire: it could give the implication your business isn’t very good and drive business to your competitors.

#3. It Doesn’t Stand Out From the Crowd

There’s a fine line between not meeting industry standards and being unique enough to stand out from the competition. You want to let people know what industry you’re in, but not be confused with your competitors.

This problem could occur when purchasing a logo from a company that uses stock photography or a website that sells pre-made logos. The best way to have your design stand out yet still fit industry standards is to have one designed specifically for you by a professional.

#4. Your Logo is Outdated

An old, outdated logo can give the impression that your company is old and outdated as well. This doesn’t mean your logo needs to be changed completely, a slight revision may be all that’s needed. Universal Studios has changed their logo 12 times since 1914.

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 Ford has updated their logo several times over the years as well.

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The logo on the left is from the 1920’s while the logo on the right is used today. By updating their logo, Ford has signaled to their customers (and competitors) they are keeping up with the times.

#5. You Created the Logo Yourself

Many people can tell a logo that was professionally designed from a logo that is homemade. This could cause some to reason if the logo isn’t professional, then the company’s products and services aren’t professional either.  

Another point to consider with homemade logos is design quality: if made with a program not specifically designed for creating logos, it may not look good when reproduced in certain sizes or printed.

While it may be cheaper to create the logo yourself, most companies are willing to spend money to get a professional design: 57% of small businesses are willing to pay $500 or more for their company logo.

Is It Time To Update Your Logo?

Did you know 78% of consumers believe logos are works of art? As you look at your current logo, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will your logo look in 2-5 years? Is there a chance it will look outdated?
  • How can your logo stand out from your competitors?
  • What aspects of your business can your logo highlight? Can people look at your logo and identify what your business does?
  • If you’ve had your logo for a few years, does it need to be adjusted to complement your business?
  • Is your logo the right color? Red encourages happiness and an increased appetite. Green is used to signify the environment. Men prefer bold colors while women prefer softer tones.Here are the most popular colors used by top brands in their company logos:
  • Blue – 35%
  • Red 30 – 30%
  • Grayscale – 23%
  • Yellow – 20%
  • Green – 7%
  • Purple – 1%

These and other questions can help determine if you need to update your logo.

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Final Thoughts

A logo can be – and often is – the first impression customers have of your business. It is a key part of your brand and tells customers what your company is about. Is it time to update your logo?  By following the tips above, you can determine if your logo needs an upgrade or if it should be completely redesigned. 

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