Elevating an Aboriginal-Owned Business

Soto Group strategically rebrands Chemrose, a Sydney-based Aboriginal owned business selling cleaning chemicals. Preserving culture whilst enhancing visibility.
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The client

Introducing Chemrose Cleaning Suppliers

Aboriginal-owned Chemrose is provides sustainable, Australian made cleaning chemicals to Venues and businesses nationwide.

Leading the Way in Indigenous Entrepreneurship

Chemrose is an Aboriginal-owned business based in Sydney, NSW, providing sustainable, Australian made cleaning chemicals to corporations in hospitality, major venues, hospital and government sectors. Chemrose has set the benchmark for quality and sustainability. Their unique position as the first Indigenous-owned entity to achieve GECA Certification underscores their commitment to environmental responsibility and cultural integrity.

The problem

Cultivating Growth While Honouring Indigenous Heritage

Respectfully incorporating culture into brand

Aligning to speak from the heart

Despite Chemrose’s significant achievements and strong market presence, the evolving demands of the digital age posed new challenges. As a leading Aboriginal-owned business, they faced the dual challenge of modernising their brand and online footprint without losing the essence of their Indigenous heritage.

The company’s existing brand identity and digital presence needed a strategic overhaul to better reflect their values, achievements, and forward-looking aspirations.

Chemrose’s online visibility and engagement levels were not fully capturing the potential market share, hindering their growth trajectory. This was attributed to an outdated website with limited functionality and suboptimal SEO practices. The necessity for a strategic rebrand and enhanced digital strategy was clear, to not only preserve but also celebrate them as a culturally significant, Aboriginal-owned business.

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The Project

A balanced blend of culture and company

Cultural Integrity

Our journey with Chemrose began with a Brand Audit and Workshop, focusing on integrating their Aboriginal heritage into a modern brand identity. This process involved close collaboration with GM Geoff Simpson to ensure that the rebranding efforts respected and amplified the cultural significance of their business. The new Brand Identity and Guidelines needed to reflect Chemrose’s values, vision, and Indigenous roots, creating a strong, cohesive brand that resonates both locally and nationally.

Enhanced Visibility

To tackle the challenge of online visibility, our team undertook an Existing Website Audit, followed by the creation of a New Website with Advanced Website Functionality and SEO optimisation. This digital transformation was aimed at improving user experience, accessibility, and engagement, ensuring Chemrose’s story and offerings were compellingly presented. The new website showcased their Aboriginal heritage, along with the high quality of their cleaning agents.

Increasing Impact

Graphic Design and SEO strategies were deployed to elevate Chemrose’s market presence further. By developing engaging content and visuals that celebrated their Indigenous ownership, we enhanced their brand’s appeal to a broader audience.

Targeted SEO tactics increased their online visibility, making it easier for customers to discover Chemrose and register their interest for an account.

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The Results

A Significant Increase in Organic Traffic

Strengthening Position and Preserving Heritage

Recognising Project Triumph

Within 6 months of the strategic rebrand and new website development Chemrose experienced a 400% increase in site visits and unprecedented increase in organic enquiries. Through our ongoing partnership with Chemrose we have achieved:

  • 40% increase in brand awareness
  • 15% increase in brand loyalty from 2 major yet unengaged clients
  • 60% increase in brand perception from prospect database
  • Increase Overall Website visibility from 5% to 15%
  • Increased Social Media Engagement by 300% in 4 months
  • Built an launched an Indigenous Businesses Network for inter-company collaboration
  • Organic enquiries increased by 90% including major target clients Origin Energy, Knight Frank, CBRE and Kapitol Group
  • Avetta Best Diversity Supplier Award 2023
  • Finalist NSWICC Emerging Indigenous Business 2023

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new Chemrose website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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