Cherry brand for 100 year old family orchard

Discover how Soto Group transformed the 3 Kings Cherries brand, creating a unique identity and launching the cherry brand into the global market.
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The client

Introducing 3 Kings Cherries

In the verdant Clyde Valley of Central Otago, the Paulin family's roots run deep, with a heritage spanning over a century in cherry farming.

NZ Cherry Brand Spanning Generations

In the verdant Clyde Valley of Central Otago, the Paulin family’s roots run deep, with a heritage spanning over a century in cherry farming. This land, known for its rich history in gold mining and fruit production, has birthed the world’s finest cherries, a testament to the family’s enduring commitment and passion.

The 3 Kings Cherries brand, named after the iconic ‘3 Kings’ rock formation visible from their orchards, represents not just premium quality fruit but a storied legacy of three generations of cherry growers. Here, the fusion of tradition and the unparalleled terroir of Central Otago has cultivated more than just cherries; it has grown a cherry brand synonymous with excellence and heritage.

The problem

Branching Out Challenges

Cherry Brand Cultivating a Global Presence.

Telling a Legacy Story Internationally

Despite their rich heritage and unmatched quality, 3 Kings Cherries faced the challenge of modernising their brand and penetrating the global export market. Their existing identity was not communicating the depth of their story or the premium nature of their fruit. In an increasingly competitive market, the necessity to stand out and authentically convey their legacy became apparent. The cherry brand needed a transformation that would not only celebrate their history but also appeal to international consumers, ensuring the cherry brand’s legacy would flourish globally.
1489272 3 Kings Cherries web
The Project

Seeding Cherry Brand Success

Brand Identity

Our journey began with reimagining the 3 Kings Cherries brand identity to encapsulate their rich history and the quality of their cherries. Crafting a logo that reflects the brand’s heritage and the symbolic ‘3 Kings’ rock formation, we wove the narrative of three generations of growers into a visual identity that speaks to these iconic peaks, ensuring the cherry brand resonates with both heritage and quality.

Digital Presence

Next, we constructed a bespoke WordPress website, an online brand visual that narrates the brand’s story while showcasing their exquisite fruit. Complementing their new online presence, our packaging design work meticulously reflected the cherry brand’s premium essence and heritage, readying 3 Kings Cherries for the shelves of international markets with elegance and distinction.

Market Launch

Our approach included a strategic launch plan, positioning 3 Kings Cherries not just as a product, but as a legacy in the export market. By leveraging social media, targeted advertising, and PR campaigns, we introduced the cherry brand to a global audience, celebrating its centennial legacy and unmatched quality, laying down the roots for future growth.
1489272 3 Kings Cherries web

The Results

Harvesting Global Recognition

Cherry Brand With a Blossoming Future

Recognising Project Triumph

The revitalisation of the 3 Kings Cherries brand has borne fruit beyond expectations (don’t mind all the puns!). With a striking new identity and a compelling digital presence, the brand has successfully penetrated international markets, receiving acclaim for its quality and heritage. Sales are consistent, and the brand now enjoys enhanced visibility and recognition worldwide. Through our collaboration, 3 Kings Cherries has not only preserved its legacy but has also planted the seeds for a future where its cherry brand is celebrated across the globe, ensuring the heritage of the Paulin family continues to thrive for generations to come.

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new 3 Kings Cherries website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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