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Community Services Brand LINC transforms its brand and digital presence with the help of Soto Group.

The client

Introducing LINC

LINC serves the Lithgow community for a broad range of community services.

Community Services and Support Not For Profit

LINC, standing as a beacon of hope for over 40 years, has dedicated itself to serving the Lithgow community with unwavering commitment. This not-for-profit organisation prides itself on its holistic approach to ensuring the accessibility of services, underpinned by deep-rooted values and beliefs.

With a focus on supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds and life stages, LINC’s reputation as the go-to community services brand for Lithgow residents is well-earned. Their anticipation of the community’s future needs further underscores their role as a proactive and caring pillar within the locality.

The problem

Assessing LINC’s NFP Brand Presence

Identifying Areas for Strategic Enhancement

Reframing the brand and delivering online

LINC’s journey towards reinvigoration began with the realisation that their brand was not fully reflecting the broad and dynamic nature of their community services spanning Youth Services, Community Development, Aged Care, Counselling, and Disability support. This gap hindered their ability to connect with newer demographics and effectively communicate their role as a leading community services brand in Lithgow, NSW.

Additionally, LINC saw the need for an integrated website to improve user experience and accessibility. Their existing website lacked the functionality and SEO optimisation necessary to reach a wider audience, limiting their visibility online and the community’s access to vital services. Recognising these obstacles, LINC turned to Soto Group to strategically overhaul their brand and digital presence.

The Project

A Comprehensive Rebrand Strategy

Brand Reinforcement

Soto Group embarked on a collaborative journey with LINC, initiating a group wide brand audit and workshop with 11 key stakeholders representing each services division, to unearth the core values and aspirations that would shape the future of their community services brand.

This process allowed us to refine their brand identity, and develop detailed brand guidelines that truly reflected LINC’s mission and the holistic nature of their services.

Digital Transformation

Recognising the pivotal role of digital engagement, our team conducted a thorough audit of LINC’s existing website, identifying key areas for improvement. The creation of a new website, coupled with advanced functionality and user-friendly design, propelled LINC’s online presence. LINC’s community services brand became more visible and accessible to a wider audience, facilitating easier access to their crucial services.

Sustainable Impact

Our holistic approach extended beyond the immediate rebrand, focusing on the long-term impact and sustainability of LINC’s brand and digital footprint. Through the implementation of strategic SEO and advanced website functionality we established a solid foundation for LINC’s continuous growth. This strategy not only elevated their community services brand but also equipped LINC with the tools to adapt to future community needs and digital trends.


The Results

Rebranding for Transformative Impact

A burst of colour into the Lithgow community

Recognising Project Triumph

The collaboration between LINC and Soto Group brought the community services brand enhanced visibility, improved community engagement, and a stronger online presence. The strategic rebrand and digital enhancements have significantly increased LINC’s reach, connecting with a broader spectrum of the community and reinforcing their position as a leader in community services within Lithgow.


Lydia highlighted our responsiveness and excellent communication.

Soto Group delivered an easy-to-navigate website and a brand identity that highlighted our services in an effective manner. Soto Group was highly responsive and demonstrated excellent communication and project management. Their insightfulness and documenting skills were commendable.
Lydia Balat - General Manager, LINC

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new LINC website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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