Revitalising Refresh Juice: Customer Ecommerce Loyalty

Discover how Soto Group revitalised Refresh Juice with a striking Ecommerce website, enhancing sales, engagement, and customer loyalty.
Refresh Juice Web Screen

The client

Introducing Refresh Juice

Refresh Juice is a fresh juice and cleanse company, that is proudly WA in its culture and ingredients.

A Fresh Squeeze on Ecommerce Success

Refresh Juice, hailing from Western Australia, is fresh juice and juice cleanse company, committed to delivering vibrant and healthful beverages crafted from locally sourced ingredients. As they embarked on an internal brand revitalisation, they sought a partner capable of encapsulating their renewed brand essence and values within a digital footprint. Soto Group was chosen for this endeavour, tasked with the mission to rejuvenate their online presence through a dynamic Ecommerce website, resonating with their vision of modernity and freshness.

The core objective was not only to showcase their array of delectable juices but also to create an immersive user experience that reflected the brand’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and community. With a detailed understanding of Refresh Juice’s ethos and the competitive landscape of the industry, Soto Group set out to deliver a comprehensive suite of services encompassing WordPress Website Development, Ecommerce Functionality, Loyalty Program, and Brand Consulting, aimed at propelling Refresh Juice to new heights.

The problem

The Refresh Juice Challenge

Navigating the Brand Refresh Journey

Bring brand essence to life online

As Refresh Juice embarked on a pivotal brand refresh, they were confronted with the challenge of translating their new brand identity into a relatable online experience. The existing website lacked the vibrancy and modern appeal that the new brand aspired to embody, and it fell short in providing a seamless Ecommerce experience to its customers. The absence of a loyalty program and limited brand messaging further hindered their ability to connect with and retain their target audience, creating an urgent need for a comprehensive digital overhaul.
Refresh Juice Web Screen 1
The Project

Bringing the Refresh Rebrand to Life

WordPress Website

Soto Group initiated the project with a custom WordPress website development, designed to reflect Refresh Juice’s funky colours and modern brand messaging. By leveraging WordPress’s flexibility, we crafted an Ecommerce website that was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, ensuring that customers could easily navigate through the diverse range of juice offerings and cleanse packages with ease.

Ecommerce Functionality

At the heart of the new website lay robust Ecommerce functionality, enabling seamless product browsing, cart integration, and secure checkout processes. To enhance customer engagement and retention, Soto Group introduced an innovative loyalty program, integrated within the Ecommerce platform, rewarding customers for their purchases and encouraging repeat business. This dual approach significantly uplifted the user experience and facilitated a stronger connection between Refresh Juice and its customers.

Brand Consulting

Beyond the technical advancements, Soto Group provided strategic brand consulting services, ensuring that every aspect of the Ecommerce website – from typography to imagery – aligned perfectly with Refresh Juice’s refreshed brand identity. This holistic approach to brand consulting solidified the website’s position as not just a juice marketplace but a true reflection of the brand’s ethos and commitment to quality and sustainability.
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The Results

Refreshed Website Success

A New Dawn for Refresh Juice

Recognising Project Triumph

The collaboration between Refresh Juice and Soto Group resulted in a reimagined Ecommerce website that not only aligned with the brand’s vision but also set a new benchmark in the industry for online customer experience. Post-launch, Refresh Juice witnessed a significant uplift in online sales, improved customer engagement, and an increase in loyalty program sign-ups.

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new Refresh Juice website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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