Launching Elite Wealth Management Online

Elite Wealth Management engaged Soto Group to help them get a professional wealth management website designed, developed and launched; quickly.
1489302 Elite Wealth Case Study web

The client

Introducing Elite Wealth

Elite Wealth Management is focused on educating, informing and achieving wealth goals.

Wealth Advisory for Australia’s Elite

Elite Wealth Management, a professional finance corporation, is committed and dedicated to providing their valued clients collaboratively developed strategic, personalised and measured wealth advice. Their advice process is aimed at educating, informing and achieving wealth goals with integrity to enable clients to more fully meet their needs.

The problem

Targeting an Elite Audience

High net worth individuals and the top 1% of Australia's wealth

Bring brand essence to life online

Elite Wealth, a new wealth advisor in the financial services sector, was launching a business targeting a very niche market. The top 1% of Australia’s wealth. They turned to us at Soto Group, a financial services brand and digital marketing agency specialising in professional services websites, to bring their vision to life and captivate the richest individuals in Australia.
1489302 Elite Wealth Case Study web
The Project

A Wealth Advisor Website with Advanced Lead Capture

Unique Requirements

Soto Group embarked on a collaborative journey with Elite Wealth, understanding their unique requirements and aspirations. Leveraging our expertise in website development and digital strategy, we developed a new website with advanced functionality designed to capture valuable customer data seamlessly.

Lead Capture Automation

But the innovation didn’t stop there, we implemented cutting-edge lead capture mechanisms, ensuring a seamless flow of new business opportunities for Elite Wealth. By integrating robust analytics and automation tools, we enabled Elite Wealth to track and nurture leads effectively, maximising conversion rates and ROI.

Wealth Advisor Website

Together, Elite Wealth and Soto Group have set a new standard for excellence in the professional services industry, demonstrating the transformative power of strategic collaboration and innovation when it comes to user journey mapping and developing advanced functionality to filter suitable leads.
1489302 Elite Wealth Case Study web

The Results

Achieving Advanced Functionality

Automated Lead Flow Form Capture

Recognising Project Triumph

We delivered a sophisticated, high-performing website that not only showcases Elite Wealth’s expertise and offerings but also serves as a powerful tool for driving their business growth and success.

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new Elite Wealth website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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