Freshlogic Brand & Website Success Story

Discover how Soto Group transformed Freshlogic with a brand refresh and strategic marketing, leading to unparalleled success in horticulture branding.
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The client

About Freshlogic Data Analytics

Freshlogic delivers accessible, accurate, and concise data insights, catering to businesses across the horticulture supply chain.

Leading Horticulture Data & Analytics Provider

Freshlogic stands at the forefront of the horticulture industry, offering unparalleled data and analytics services. As a best-in-class provider, Freshlogic delivers accessible, accurate, and concise data insights, catering to businesses across the horticulture supply chain. Through robust analysis of complete fresh produce data sets, Freshlogic ensures decision-ready insights are within easy reach of their clients. Their suite of products, including subscription dashboards, underpins their commitment to data convenience and distinction in horticulture branding.

At its core, Freshlogic operates on a foundational principle of transforming intricate data into actionable insights. This mission drives their delivery of top-tier reporting, analytics, and dashboard products, aiding businesses in making informed commercial decisions. With a focus on advancing horticulture branding, Freshlogic continues to be the go-to source for companies aiming to thrive in the competitive fruit and vegetable industry landscape.

The problem

The Branding Challenge

Evolving Freshlogic's Horticulture Branding

Strategy design resulting in online revamp

Freshlogic approached Soto Group with a clear vision: to evolve their existing brand and reinforce their position as industry leaders in horticulture market research data and analytics.

Despite their stronghold in the market, their brand image and digital presence no longer fully represented the advanced and comprehensive nature of their data analytics services. The need for a refreshed brand identity that could accurately convey their expertise and appeal to a broader audience was evident. This challenge was compounded by the necessity to enhance their online visibility and engagement through strategic horticulture branding.

Freshlogic’s website and marketing strategies required rejuvenation to match their ambitious growth targets. Their digital platform needed to not only reflect the evolved brand but also be optimised for search engines to capture more organic visits. The objective was clear: to develop a cohesive brand strategy and digital presence that would elevate Freshlogic’s horticulture branding, thereby enhancing their market reach and impact.

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The Project

Crafting The Solution

Brand Identity Refresh

Soto Group embarked on a comprehensive brand refresh for Freshlogic, meticulously evolving their logo and developing a detailed brand strategy that resonated with their core values and aspirations.

This process involved an in-depth analysis of Freshlogic’s market position and the creation of a distinctive brand identity that would solidify their leadership in horticulture branding.

By aligning the refreshed brand with the innovative and analytical prowess of Freshlogic, Soto Group set the stage for a renewed market perception and engagement.

SEO-First Website

The development of a new, fully optimised website was central to the brand refresh.

Soto Group crafted dedicated services pages with SEO copywriting, focusing on horticulture branding to improve organic search visibility.

The new website was designed to be an embodiment of Freshlogic’s refined brand identity, offering a seamless user experience while effectively showcasing their comprehensive range of data analytics services.

Integrated Marketing

To complement the brand and website revamp, Soto Group implemented an integrated marketing approach, encompassing email marketing, social media marketing, and off-page SEO services.

These strategies were carefully curated to amplify Freshlogic’s presence in the digital space, driving engagement and establishing their dominance in horticulture branding.

Through targeted campaigns and consistent messaging, Soto Group enhanced Freshlogic’s ability to connect with their audience and secure their position as the leading authority in horticulture data analytics.

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The Results

Achieving Remarkable Results

Elevating Freshlogic's Market Presence

Recognising Project Triumph

The collaboration between Freshlogic and Soto Group yielded transformative results, marked by a significant enhancement in brand visibility and market engagement.

The refreshed brand identity and strategic horticulture branding efforts resonated well with the target audience, leading to an increase in organic website traffic and improved search engine rankings. The comprehensive approach to digital marketing further solidified Freshlogic’s position as a thought leader in the horticulture industry, driving higher engagement rates across all digital platforms.

Beyond digital metrics, the revitalised brand and enhanced online presence have empowered Freshlogic to attract new business opportunities and strengthen relationships with existing clients. The success of this project underscores the power of strategic horticulture branding and digital marketing in driving business growth and establishing a competitive edge in the industry.

  • Increase in overall share of voice 10% to 18.74%
  • Brand Trust increased by 19% resulting in increased brand adoption.
  • Increased Brand Awareness resulted in overtaking industry leaders Ibisworld and Statista for ‘fresh produce research’.

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new Freshlogic website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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