Innovar Unveiled

Unveiling Innovar: Soto Group's leap in horticulture IP branding, transforming fresh produce with cutting-edge technology. Join us on a journey of innovation and excellence.
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The client

Introducing Innovar

Innovar is a Fresh Produce IP licensing, management, & commercialisation company.

Global Horticulture IP Brand Custodian

Innovar, a subsidiary of the influential Freshmax Group in the global fresh produce industry, operates as an independent IP licensing, management, and commercialisation company. Their focus lies in the specialisation of creating novel and exclusive fruit varieties tailored for key partners across diverse markets in Australasia, the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

The problem

Horticulture IP Brand with no website

Lacking online visibility and brand awareness.

Bring brand essence to life online

Innovar presented us with an exciting challenge – to develop a fresh produce Intellectual Property (IP) brand website that would showcase their extensive knowledge and capabilities.
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The Project

Leverage Soto Group’s Horticulture IP Brand Expertise

In Depth Understanding

With a history of collaboration with the Freshmax Group spanning over a decade, our journey with Innovar culminated into the opportunity to translate their exceptional work into a new website and online presence. This meant the creation of a cutting-edge Horticulture IP branded website that truly reflects their essence and expertise.

Horticulture Innovation

The Innovar website is a testament to the power of innovation. It offers a sleek and intuitive interface, making it effortless for visitors to explore their wide range of intellectual property solutions. From detailed insights into their IP portfolio to informative articles and case studies, the website is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in the fresh produce industry.

Simplify IP

One of the primary challenges we addressed was simplifying the complexities of IP within the fresh produce sector. Through thoughtful user experience design and clear, concise content, we’ve made navigating the intricate world of IP accessible to all. Innovar’s commitment to innovation and knowledge sharing is clear on every page of their website.

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The Results

New Level of Brand Awareness

Ongoing partnership beyond the build

Recognising Project Triumph

The website project resulted in the increase in brand awareness Innovar was seeking. Allowing them to be easily found in searches, and easy to navigate once a customer is on their site. Our partnership with Innovar extends beyond the launch of their website. We are committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that their digital presence remains at the forefront of innovation. Just as Innovar’s IP solutions evolve with the industry’s needs, so too does their website, adapting to new challenges and opportunities.

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new Innovar website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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