Elevating Insurance Brands

Discover how The Soto Group redefines the insurance brand landscape through a strategic partnership with JJS Insurance, elevating standards and expectations.
1408118 JJS Insurance Case Study web

The client

Introducing JJS Insurance

JJS Insurance was established to provide a professional, trustworthy and reliable insurance service.

Perth Based Business Insurance Firm

Built from a place of customer care and consideration, JJS insurance centres around the principle of “our family protecting yours”. JJS Insurance was established to provide a professional, trustworthy and reliable insurance service with personal service putting all of their clients first.

The problem

Visibility Lacking Online

Insurance Brand without a Website.

Bring brand essence to life online

JJS Insurance, a budding insurance company in Perth, was establishing themselves in market. As their word of mouth referrals grew, they knew they needed to attract more leads, and recognised the need for a website as the starting point for this. As newcomers in the market, setting themselves apart was crucial, and Soto Group undertook the challenge to craft a brand reflecting the heart and soul of JJS Insurance’s purpose.
1408118 JJS Insurance Case Study web
The Project

Insurance Brand Website Design

Strategic Design

Soto evolved into a vital strategic partner, playing a key role in shaping the unique identity of JJS Insurance. We focused on effectively communicating their values and crafting a memorable digital presence. Recognising that JJS Insurance sought to be more than just another insurance website, our designers built a platform that engages visitors and authentically conveys the compelling story behind their brand.

Compelling Narratives

Leveraging our proficiency in crafting compelling narratives, we ensured the website directly resonated with potential customers, making the platform engaging and reflective of JJS Insurance’s brand story. More than a collection of web pages, it’s a journey through the heart of JJS Insurance.

Easy to Use

A pivotal aspect of this transformation was the meticulous development of a website that not only boasted an appealing design but also operated seamlessly. Soto Group’s dedicated web development team worked to create a user-friendly, responsive platform showcasing JJS Insurance’s services and values. The resulting website stands as a testament to the shared commitment of both teams to deliver excellence.
1408118 JJS Insurance Case Study web

The Results

Showcasing Diversity

More than just an insurance brand website

Recognising Project Triumph

The JJS Insurance website represented trust and reliability but also conveyed a sense of innovation and modernity. Every element was carefully chosen to tell the story of JJS Insurance. Since the website build, JJS Insurance went on to be so successful they recently merged with another industry leading insurance broker, cementing their position in the insurance market.

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new JJS Insurance website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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