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Read about Soto's role in bringing the mactown construction consultant brand to life online. Elevate your projects with Mactown Consulting, a top construction consultant brand.
1408121 Mactown Case Study web

The client

About Mactown Consulting

At Mactown, they take a personalised approach to construction & quarry risk management, assessment and advisory.

Construction Consultant Reaches Scale Up Stage

Mactown Consulting is an Australian-owned company, founded in 2021 by a team of experts with diverse backgrounds in mining, aviation, and safety regulation. At Mactown, they take a personalised approach to their construction consultant methodology, leveraging their strong values to provide tailored solutions to their clients.

Their goal is to help build expertise within their clients company so that they can manage risk and safety on their own, without needing Mactown long term.

The problem

Reaching the Construction Industry

Construction Risk Advisory Leaders Have Unique Requirements

Bring brand essence to life online

Mactown Consulting had a mission to revamp their existing professional services website to better reach their quarry and construction industry clients. They sought to redefine their online image, one that truly reflected their professional ethos and personal values.

They were not reaching the right audiences, and the website they had did not truly reflect who they were as a business. A rebrand was not their goal, just a new digital identity that reflected the results they delivered, and positioned them as leaders amongst their peers.

1408121 Mactown Case Study web
The Project

Revitalising Mactown's Digital Presence

Modern Website Design

Soto Group embarked on a comprehensive redevelopment of Mactown Consulting’s website with the aim of modernising their digital footprint.

The design team introduced a fresh, contemporary layout that reflects the innovative spirit of this construction consultant.

By incorporating sleek, intuitive navigation and a clean aesthetic, we ensured the new website not only captivates but also retains visitor attention, making Mactown Consulting stand out in the competitive consulting market.

Enhanced User Experience (UX)

A pivotal aspect of the redevelopment focused on significantly enhancing the user experience.

Through detailed research and user testing, Soto Group crafted an optimised UX design that facilitates effortless interaction and information retrieval.

This strategy aimed at reducing bounce rates and increasing user engagement by providing a seamless, user-friendly experience that supports the sophisticated needs of Mactown Consulting’s clientele, reinforcing their status as a leading construction industry client.

SEO and Content Strategy

To increase Mactown Consulting’s online visibility, Soto Group developed a robust SEO and content strategy tailored to the financial services brand sector.

By identifying key industry-related keywords and integrating them into high-quality, informative content, we improved the site’s search engine rankings and attracted a more targeted audience.

This strategic approach ensures Mactown Consulting’s expertise and services are showcased to the right audience, driving relevant traffic and potential business leads to the site.

1408121 Mactown Case Study web

The Results

Elevated Performance & Engagement

A New Benchmark in Consulting Website Excellence.

Recognising Project Triumph

The redevelopment of Mactown Consulting’s website marked a significant milestone in their digital strategy, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the construction consultant industry. Post-launch, the founder witnessed an impressive surge in website traffic, accompanied by a substantial increase in average session duration and a decrease in bounce rates. These metrics indicate a higher level of user engagement and interest in Mactown Consulting’s services, showcasing the effectiveness of the new website design and UX improvements.

Mactown Consulting reported a notable increase in enquiries and client conversion rates, underscoring the tangible business benefits of a well-executed digital presence. This transformative project not only reinforced Mactown Consulting’s position as a leader in construction consulting but also demonstrated the power of strategic digital innovation in driving business success.

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new Mactown website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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