Greening the Future: Transformative Partnership with Sustainability Brand Naturpac

Fresh Produce Packaging Leader J-Tech Systems engaged SOto Group to cocreate and launch their new sustainability brand Naturpac.
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The client

Introducing Naturpac

J-Tech Systems envisioned a sustainability packaging brand that could resonate with all.

Packaging Leaders J-Tech Systems New Sustainability Brand

J-Tech Systems are ANZ’s largest packaging group, supplying 70% of the fresh produce packaging on grocery store shelves today. Embarking on a mission to redefine the standards of eco-packaging, J-Tech Systems envisioned a sustainability brand that would resonate with both growers, major retailers and conscious consumers.

The problem

Changing the Packaging Landscape

Wearing three hats simultaneously - challenge, engage, educate.

Realising a need to change

J-Tech Systems General Manager Michael Williams had a vision to reduce the fresh produce industries impact on climate change and plastics waste. In 2019, only 15% of produce packaging in Australia was made from sustainable materials. The remaining 85% was made from unsustainable materials.

Many J-Tech Systems products were not recyclable or compostable, this packaging contributed to the unsustainable packaging problem in the fresh produce industry.

1489291 EcoChoice Case Study web
The Project

Challenging Industry Habits with Education

New Sustainability Brand

Michael engaged the Soto Group to help challenge this industry issue with a new sustainability brand. The Naturpac concept was born. A sister brand to J-Tech Systems that carried a range of sustainable packaging that could be adopted by growers and retailers to reduce their environmental impact.

Compelling Brand Narrative

We assisted Naturpac in crafting a compelling brand narrative, fostering stronger connections with their growers, and the consumers and inspiring advocacy. It was important that growers understood how they could engage with the brand, and what it would do to support them in their transition to sustainable packaging alternatives.

Educating Consumers

With the launch of Naturpac we adopted a unique approach to bring the brand to market, through the creation of sustainability education to influence consumers at a foundational level when habits are developed, as children. To begin the sustainability education, a free LMS was developed for learning in the home and at school. Our team all designed and rolled out in-person education sessions across the East Coast.

Influencer Campaigns

When the EcoChoice EcoLearn platform was rolled out we developed an influencer campaign with mothers and parents heavily promoted during School holidays, and public brand awareness spikes were mirrored by major retailers and Naturpac customers and prospects, including those previously unengaged.

Ongoing Marketing

Our ongoing partnership involves a multifaceted approach, including monthly press releases, website articles, product showcase campaigns, social media management, website services, email database management and monitoring. These efforts are dedicated to increasing awareness of Naturpac’s offerings and profound brand mission as well as enhancing their performance.

Innovations & Awards

Additionally, we continue to work with supply chain partners of J-Tech Systems to explore grant or funding opportunities to aid in the change process. Soto Group partnered with J-Tech Systems for the Hort Connections Innovation Award, for the Aporo packing technology innovation.
1489291 EcoChoice Case Study web

The Results

Unprecedented Exposure and Brand Awareness

A masterclass in becoming a Sustainability Brand Leader

Recognising Project Triumph

Our strategies have helped Naturpac expand its current reach to new audiences and enabled them to better connect with their customers and encourage advocacy. EcoLearn has proven a valuable brand loyalty tool. Despite the online platform being minimally promoted now, it still receives ~1,000 views each month, with 70% of these comprising new visitors, and 30% returning visitors.

The program was not only a public success, but the media attention resulted in a significant increase in brand trust, with J-Tech customers and potential customers’ brand trust growing from 23% to 78% within 2 years.

Additionally, the in-person programs attracted large-scale brand promotion from Stockland, Westfield and other major shopping centres and over 100 local councils throughout Victoria and New South Wales.

The program was so successful at achieving the shopping centres brand alignment with sustainable initiatives, it was highly demanded as an ongoing offering each school holiday period.

Brand Perception + Adoption = Significant Sustainable Impact

We believe the real metrics of Naturpac and the success of both the brand itself and the brand campaigns go beyond the brand trust increase (55% in 2 years) and brand adoption. Through the creation, adoption and ongoing growth of the Naturpac brand, 6.2M kilos of packaging have been diverted from landfill.


Sustainability packaging leaders within 2 years

With the help of the Soto Group, today, Naturpac is an Australian and New Zealand leader in eco-packaging.
Michael Williams - General Manager, Naturpac

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new Naturpac website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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