Premier Farms International: Multilingual Website Development

Discover how Soto Group's multilingual WordPress development elevated Premier Farms International, a leading produce marketing brand, to global prominence. Explore the case study.
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The client

Introducing Premier Farms

Premier Farms International is a consortium of leading fresh produce grower-marketers.

A Legacy in Premium Australian Produce

Premier Farms International, a consortium of Australia’s leading fresh produce companies, has cemented its position as a premier provider of fresh, flavourful fruits worldwide. With its roots deep in the fertile grounds of Victoria, Australia, the company is a collaboration among Cutri Fruit, Premier Fresh Australia, and other leading entities in the produce marketing brand arena. Together, they bring to the table decades of agricultural expertise, innovation in fruit variety development, and a commitment to delivering health-packed, premium Australian produce to the global market.

The strength of Premier Farms International lies in its vertically-integrated supply chain and extensive network of owned and partnered farms across Australia. This robust foundation enables the delivery of an unmatched range of peaches, plums, nectarines, avocados, and other fresh vegetables, solidifying its reputation as a leading produce marketing brand. Through continuous innovation and a focus on quality, Premier Farms International ensures that each piece of fruit is a testament to the premium, flavourful experience they promise to deliver.

The problem

Expanding Global Reach With Digital Solutions

Addressing Multilingual Website Challenges

Bring brand essence to life online

Premier Farms International, despite its stronghold in the produce marketing brand sector, faced significant challenges in broadening its global market reach. The primary barrier was their lack of a multilingual digital presence, which limited their ability to effectively communicate with international buyers and wholesalers. As digital engagement dictates market accessibility, their existing website did not cater to non-English speaking stakeholders, creating a gap in their global expansion efforts.

The website did not fully convey the innovation and robustness that mirrored their physical produce marketing brand excellence. This discrepancy not only hampered their online visibility but also affected their brand positioning in international markets.

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The Project

Building a Website with Multilingual Capabilities

Strategic Planning

To address Premier Farms International’s need for a global digital presence, Soto Group embarked on a strategic journey to develop a multilingual WordPress website. This involved an in-depth analysis of the target markets and the linguistic preferences of Premier Farms’ international clientele.

Multilingual Features

We implemented advanced multilingual capabilities, enabling content translation into multiple languages without compromising the website’s performance or SEO ranking. This innovation not only bridged the communication gap with international audiences but also reinforced Premier Farms International’s position as a forward-thinking produce marketing brand.

User Engagement

Beyond technical enhancements, the Soto Group focused on creating a rich, engaging user experience that mirrored the quality and ethos of the Premier Farms International brand. High-quality imagery, compelling content, and interactive elements were integrated to tell the brand’s story, showcase their premium produce, and engage with diverse audiences.

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The Results

Achieving Global Engagement and Market Expansion

Measurable Success in Digital Outreach

Recognising Project Triumph

Following the launch of the new multilingual website, Premier Farms International experienced increased digital engagement and market reach. The platform’s multilingual capabilities effectively attracted and retained a broader international audience, leading to significant increases in website traffic, user engagement, and inquiries from new markets. This success translated into tangible growth opportunities for the produce marketing brand, with an uptick in international orders and partnerships.

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new Premier Farms website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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