Revitalising the Atlan Consulting Brand

Atlan's Brand didn't tell their story how they wanted. So we helped them reimagine their project consulting brand.
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The client

Introducing Atlan Consulting

Atlan Consulting are defense project and program recovery experts, guiding projects back on track.

Atlan understands getting it right the first time.

Atlan Consulting are a project and program delivery specialist with their expertise in analysing their clients overall landscape, they offer tailored, straightforward solutions. Their dedication lies in enhancing an organisation’s performance.

Through research, analysis, planning, mentoring, education, and providing top-notch staff, they enable their clients to gain a deeper understanding of their business and excel in client delivery. Whether it’s strategising, mapping out a technology journey, conducting industry research, or driving operations forward, the team of Atlan Consultants stands prepared to propel their clients to new heights.

The problem

Consulting Brand Lacks Relatability

A fresh set of eyes was needed to bring in new ideas.

Bringing their Brand Story to life

Atlan Consulting approached Soto Group with a clear objective: to enhance their brand to resonate with their target industries. They felt they lacked competitiveness and the brand they had did not represent their true capabilities.

They saw the need for a fresh approach to their brand, brand messaging and cohesive brand guidelines to tie it all together.

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The Project

Brand Audit, Strategy & Refresh

Industry Understanding

The Soto Group Team deep dived into their industry, understanding who the key competitors were and how to position them against them as a stronger choice for consulting services.

The Atlan Consulting team undertook a rebrand and brand strategy process.

Competitor Landscape

We initiated a comprehensive industry analysis, immersing ourselves in their sector to pinpoint key competitors and strategise how to establish them as the top choice for consulting services.

As part of this journey, we developed a revitalised brand identity.

Rebrand Plan

The rebrand was actioned and rolled out across internal documents.

The next phase for Atlan Consulting will be to bring their website and digital assets into line with the new brand styling.

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The Results

Achieving Tangible Success

Brand Refresh and Rebranding Strategy

Recognising Project Triumph

With a fresh and modern brand identity that accurately reflects their expertise and values, Atlan has experienced increased brand recognition and resonance within their target industries. This revitalised image has not only enhanced their market competitiveness but has also built stronger connections with clients and stakeholders.

Through strategic collaboration and innovative design, Soto Group has empowered Atlan Consulting to confidently navigate the market landscape and achieve remarkable growth and impact.

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new Atlan website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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