Galaxy Fruit's Cosmic New Website & Digital Journey

Discover Galaxy Fruit's stonefruit brand journey, where cosmic flavours meet unparalleled quality. Explore our galaxy of peaches and plums for a stellar taste experience .
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The client

Introducing Galaxy Fruit

Galaxy Fruit is a fun and fresh Aussie stonefruit brand representing three stonefruit varietal brands.

Australian Stonefruit brand with flavour out of this world!

Galaxy Fruit is a fun and fresh stonefruit brand representing 3 different stonefruit varietal brands – Saturn Peach, Sunstar Plum and Pluto Plum.

Galaxy Fruit is not your ordinary stonefruit brand. It’s a universe of flavors, a constellation of taste, and a testament to the wonders of nature.

Galaxy Fruit provides delicious Australian Stonefruit to families across Australia and the world. They aim to encourage young minds that there is a universe of fun to explore, packed full of new flavours to try, and aim to inspire the next generation to aim for the stars and to savour the fun in life.

The problem

Breaking into New Countries

Stonefruit demand in Asia increases, Galaxy Fruit meets demand

Bring brand essence to life online

When Galaxy Fruit approached Soto Group, they had a vision: to elevate their brand to new heights and make their stonefruit offerings shine like stars in the culinary galaxy.

Not only did Galaxy Fruit need to be desirable as a consumer brand, appealing to children on shelves in grocery stores Australia wide, but with their new journey to exporting in Vietnam the brand needed to resonate with different cultures and audiences.

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The Project

Developing a Brand Strategy & Multilanguage Website

Brand Strategy

Our mission was crystal clear: to develop comprehensive brand guidelines and a robust brand strategy that would define Galaxy Fruit’s identity, and to create a captivating website that would bring their vision to life.

Brand Cohesiveness

Our first challenge was to distil the essence of Galaxy Fruit’s diverse stonefruit offerings into a cohesive brand identity. We meticulously crafted brand guidelines that celebrated the uniqueness of Saturn Peach, the allure of Sunstar Plum, and the sweetness of Pluto Plum while uniting them together under the Galaxy Fruit umbrella.

Web Development

With brand guidelines in place, the next cosmic journey was web development. The new Galaxy Fruit website was crafted to be an immersive experience, inviting visitors to explore the universe of flavours and engage with the mascots designed by the Soto Group team.

Vibrant Website

The website design mirrors the vibrancy of Galaxy Fruit’s stonefruit varieties, creating a visual feast for the eyes. It’s not just a website; it’s a portal to a universe of taste. Customers can effortlessly browse through product information, uncover delicious recipes, and connect with the brand through engaging content.

Marketing Strategy

As fresh produce marketing specialists, we didn’t stop at branding and web design. We brought Galaxy Fruit to life with a comprehensive marketing strategy and calendar. Our social media content calendar engaged consumers, sparking excitement and anticipation. We didn’t just sell stonefruit; we shared the magic of each bite.

Asian Markets

To expand Galaxy Fruit’s reach across borders, we designed marketing collateral, including eye-catching POS signage and innovative marketing tools. These materials were tailored to resonate with both the Australian and Southeast Asian markets, ensuring that Galaxy Fruit’s message and products transcended boundaries.
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The Results

Market Traction Out of this World

Audience engagement skyrocketed

Recognising Project Triumph

The result? A brand strategy that captured the cosmic charm of Galaxy Fruit, and tying the sub brands together in an easy to deliver way. Every aspect of the brand strategy was designed to evoke a sense of freshness, fun, and discovery.

Our unique influencer marketing campaigns, online presence and Asian market development resulted in a boost in brand awareness, strengthened relationships and set the tone for a stronger season to follow.

Take a Look for Yourself

Visit the new Galaxy Fruit website today, take a look at the interactive elements, bespoke background effects and easy call-to-actions right across the website.
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