Branding Agency Melbourne: Thoughts of Generating Better Customers

As a Branding Agency Melbourne, the snippet below from the article on ‘The Story of Telling’ reignited with our team:
A young friend of mine who moved to a new city was having trouble making friends.
She lamented about not meeting the right people. ‘How can I make good friends?’ she wondered.
Her question reminded me of something my grandmother used to say. ‘You get good friends by being a good friend.’
What would happen if we applied this advice to business?
What if we doubled down on delivering good service as a strategy to get good customers?
There are two questions we’d need to ask at the outset.
1. What’s our definition of a good customer?
2. What are our customers’ ideals about the companies they want to support?
When we know who we’re building for and what they care about, we get better.

The Story Strategy Course shows you where to begin.

Image by Jenny Marvin

Read the full article here: The Story of Telling

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