20 Best SEO Tips for 2023

Last Modified: May 4, 2024


I recently read a very useful guide from Google that was intended initially to help the teams within Google, however they released this too the public in the interest of helping businesses target their SEO efforts more effectively.

I recently read a very useful guide from Google that was intended initially to help the teams within Google, however they released this to the public too in the interest of helping businesses target their SEO efforts more effectively.  Building on those tips they provided we have included some of our own tried and tested SEO tips and tricks.

These SEO tips aren’t fail-safes to getting a number 1 Google ranking, however they will make it easier for search engines to crawl, index and understand the content listed on your pages.

And they will also hep you provide content to your customers and target audience that is useful, relevant, engaging, interesting and helpful.

20 Best SEO Tips for 2023

1. Create unique, accurate page titles

These are displayed in search results and are key to giving people the right information for them to want to select your page. A major SEO tip is that untitled or New Page 1 are big no no’s. Don’t choose a title that has no relevance to your page.

2. Create unique title tags for each page

Using a single title tag across all of your sites pages or a large group of pages makes it difficult for the search engines to know how each page is distinctive to the others

3. Use brief but descriptive titles

Too many words will mean they are cut off and not displayed. This also makes it harder for a potential customer to know why they should click through to your page.

4. Make use of the ‘description’ meta tag

This is what is displayed in search engines underneath the title of your page. 1 – 2 sentences is enough and utilise the Google Webmaster Tools (content analysis section) to see if your description is too long or could be improved.

5. Make your site easy to navigate

Using structures such as a ‘breadcrumb’ list allows visitors to quickly navigate back to a previous section or the home page.

6. Offer interesting and engaging content and services

An interesting site will attract more users naturally, the more users on your site, the quicker search engines increase the ranking of your pages

7. Focus on quality not quantity

Producing a constant stream of high volume content that lacks expertise and relevance and is a little thin on actual helpful content its unlikely to produce results in 2023. Focus on producing less, but adding more.

8. Create content for your audience not content for traffic

Make sure your content is relevant, engaging and interesting to your own target audience. Stick within your own topic, industry and audience for higher ranking content.

9. Improve the structure of your URL’s

Create descriptive categories and filenames for your documents. This makes it easier for the crawlers, and keeps your site better organised. URLs are also displayed in search results.

10. Optimise your use of images

Use the alt attribute to describe the picture in case it can’t be viewed by your user, and to make it easier for image searches to categorise your image.

11. Incorporate videos

Embedding a video in your content will also attract the attention of Google.

12. Use heading tags appropriately

Use them sparingly across a page; they are used to present structure to your users. These tags should be used as a visual cue to your users that the text is important.

13. Use targeted keywords in the right places:

Use SEO tools for keyword research, dig deeper and study your competitors. Then don’t just throw the keywords in here, there and everywhere, ensure that your keywords fit in naturally, are relavant, make sense, and do not take away from the readability of your content.

14. Create fresh, unique content

By having a news, articles or blog section on your page and keeping this consistently updated it helps to bring new users to your page. Make sure you write easy to read text, avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

15. Increase the emphasis of the author:

In 2023, now more than ever, it is important to produce content that is created by real people with a real target audience in mind. Elevate the authority of the author, show that they are an expert, include an author bio and a link to the authors social media pages.

16. Make use of free webmaster tools

Major search engines provide free tools to help you identify issues that, if addressed, can help you perform better in search results

17. Utilise social media to boost clicks through to your site

Avoid attempting to use social media sites to post every small thing or change on your site, go for big interesting items.

18. Build relevant links

Links are a key ranking factor and building links will help build both domain reputation and site authority. You can not only enhance the content your are providing but you can also receive reciprocal backlinks. Don’t forget to also link internally too where relevant.

19. Research your Competitors’ best performing pages

Find out who you’re up against online, what their strengths and weaknesses are, what’s working for them, and then use that knowledge to create something better or similar.

20. And last but not least… EEAT!

Googles search quality rater guidelines EEAT… This new acronym stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness and is a useful tool for creators to self assess their content.

We hope these SEO tips will help get your website ranking higher on Google!

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